Welcome to the Peach State Games Registration Page.

Saturday, April 21

Union Grove High School

– Daedo E-Hogu sparring for All Red & Black Belts                                             -Double Elim. for All Black Belts

-3 rounds of fighting for everyone                                                          -Double Elim. Poomsae for Color Belts & 7 & under Black Belts

-Sport Poomsae for all 8 & older Black Belts

Online athlete registration is CLOSED.  Registration and weigh-in will be available at the tournament hotel Friday night.  Weigh-in will be available at the venue Saturday morning.  Saturday registration is available for $125 cash only.


If you are the owner of a TKD school/club, you will not be charged for coach’s credentials to support their athletes.  Please contact Master David Wilch via EMAIL about free passes.  You are welcome to apply for as many passes as you feel you NEED.  Please do not abuse the privilege.

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