Welcome to the 2019 Music City Taekwondo Classic Page.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Riverdale High School

Murfreesboro, TN

(30 miles Southeast of Nashville)


– Daedo E-Hogu sparring for All Red & Black Belts                     -Double Elimination Sparring for All Black Belts
-Certified Referees USAT/ WTF                                                       -Matted Rings & Electronic Scoring
-3 Rounds of Sparring for All Belts                                                 -Bracketed Double Elim. Poomsae
-Head Kicks for all divisions                                                             -Optional 3rd place matches


* Brown Belts: Your belt rank will not be listed on the registration page due to a lack of standardization within Taekwondo for brown belts.  Athletes are advised to refer to their instructors to determine their competition rank, blue or red, prior to registration.

Registration is Closed

If you are the owner of a TKD school, Contact Master Dunkerson for your coach’s pass(es).

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